After helping Bayern . Become the world’s top team is already in the middle of this year , Manuel Neuer aims to bring the German World Championship win to some extent. Ace keeper Neuer Bayern and the German national team , he admitted that sbo is one of the favorites . To compete at the World Championship in Brazil this year. The News Eagle team plans to take iron. To get that one goal . Together anticipated . The following is an open mind . Outposts of the 24-year iron eagle to his hopes , and to Germany. Including Bayern this year.

Goalkeeper is a position that has never created problems for the German national team at the sbo why Germany has built talented goalkeeper up continuously?

“Fritz has coached goalkeepers excellent. We have no limit in the search for a goalkeeper hand , second hand, third hand or even hand paint sbobet thai ” .

“We have many skilled people . Ready to step in to replace it . Making German an advantage in this regard since the sbo and I hope to continue like this forever. ”

Why did you choose to become a goalkeeper ?

“I was holding the door to play in spite of sbo , I really wanted to play in another position than” .

“I started playing goal since I was 4 years old when I joined the club ‘s first team . I was practicing for this sbo but I have always believed that no one who wants to be a goalie in the first place ” .

Who is the greatest goalkeeper of all time. In your mind ?

“Choose a Difficulty Because the number one goalkeeper in each generation sbo and has been voted the best goalkeeper in the world in each generation function ” .

” It was a game today, it changed . But I would say that Edwin van der Sar sbo is an idol of mine . Since I was a child ” .

“He was the prototype of the modern goalkeeper . And help build a model sbo in preventing the door of a football game in this era ” .

Coach people who are most important in your career ? sbo and coach who is a role model for you ?

“The more difficult question . I especially appreciated the capacity of the site in Cudahy Guest , who coached me for two years. We succeed together sbo and is a fantastic moment . In my professional career ” .

“He’s a very experienced coach . He is rigged for both the team and the club. I learned a lot from working with him sbo . As well as to learn from other coaches . That are all important in my life ” .

Cudahy Guest capacity of the site has been chosen as FIFA Coach of the …..

“I think he deserved this award ,” said .

“I think perhaps he deserves to be rewarded. Coach of all time , with enough sbo Cudahy Guest capacity of the site deserves to receive this award , “said .

” So, it is more appropriate He has decided to retire in the summer. After the most successful sbo us and now he deserves the reward of success there. ”

What’s your goal to lose Still a disappointment to you to this day ?

“I think you can guess is that as the head of Didier Drogba in the Champions League final two years ago at the sbo Munich if we do not lose them. I believe we would have won the Champions League since 2012, then ” .

Your success with Bayern , every item on the past year, sbo , why your team to be strong again this year ?

“I think it is up to each team.”

“We are a great team . Good pace and have players on the team and by 3 or 4 people on our team have been selected to the team sbo wonderful world in recent years ” .

“Right now our team is still in the path of the chase more success sbo and we did not agree to play any more ” .

” We remain committed. Even last season we won the Triple crown champion already. And also won the Super Cup and World Club crown again this season , which all come from the players . And coaching staff including administrators sbo have worked together to do what is right ” .

Think that the success of Bayern will contribute to the national team or not ?

“Most definitely, Sbo past success often results in the future to deal with ” .

“And not just Bayern only a great football player , but sbo Dortmund Dortmund would do the job equally great last season ” .

“Representatives of the two German teams into the Champions League final, which is a great testament to the wonderful sbo development of German football in two years after” .

” It also indicates that. We are able to beat teams from other nations , we are going to the World Cup , this time with sbo fully committed ” .

German Vice Champion in 2002 , and third in 2006 to 2010 for this sbo 2014 , so it’s time to be German champions also viewed

” I hope to be like that ” .

“We know better We are one of the favorite teams . Which would not be rejected sbo and we have been expecting it up with ” .

“Our team has always done well in big tournaments . But this time a team from South America to have a very strong sbo especially with host nations like Brazil . I was raised as one of the favorites ” .

” Also, I think Uruguay. It is with a great team as well. And I raised them as a dark horse sbo such as Argentina, the team ” .

“Team of America It is a very scary team . For this World Cup , ”

Your team is in the same group . Ghana , Portugal and the U.S. sbo think the team is different to your competitors ?

“It took quite a strong group . So we need to be careful so well ” .

” However, We believe there is enough potential to overcome them. They are not the team that we’ve never known before sbo we know their capabilities better . And they have faced each other . At least once ”

” But above all else . We just have to prepare for the best. Competition for these Sbo to ensure that we will be able to work out for the best ” .

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