Hard drives of today have the capacity to hold terabytes of data and the amount of data that can be stored in our computers is also increasing every day. Videos that are HD take up lots of space and if you wish to see these on your smartphone or a tablet, you need to reduce video file size. With the movavi video converter, this is possible.


Follow the steps given:

  • Download and install the Movavi Video Converter and follow the instructions of the Installation Wizard to install the software on your pc.
  • Click on the Add Video button which you will find on the upper left side of the window and from there choose the Open File option. Choose as many videos as you need to reduce the size of file. Then click on Open.
  • Open the conversion list and click on More Presets to choose the desired format for the video. It is always a clever idea to choose video formats that are supported by every device like the MP4 format. You can custom set the settings if you want to from the Settings button placed next to the presets list. Specify the settings you desire regarding resolution, ratio, frame rate, video or audio codec. You can even minimize video size to make the quality of your video better. In case you know what device you are going to put the video in, go to the More Presets and select the device from the list and the preset appropriate for it.
  • Bitrate value is something that determines the quality of output and size. When the bitrate is more, the quality is better and the video file size is larger. To reduce the size of the Movie file, you have to reduce its bitrate. To do this, click on the estimated size value option from the Output column in the file list. This opens a size adjustment box. You have to drag the slider to adjust the size of file and click on Apply. File size is only an approximation and the actual size of the video may differ from the value so estimated. Repeat the process for every video.
  • Always choose a destination folder. This is because all files that are converted get saved into the Movavi Library present on the C drive of your computer. Choose a particular folder where you want the output video to be stored by clicking the Browse button. Choose an existing folder or create a new one and then click Ok.
  • Now, click on Convert button to start the process of conversion which you will find on the lower right corner of the window. When the conversion process finishes, the folder containing the output video will automatically open.

Since the whole process has been thoroughly discussed, now you know how to reduce the file size so that you can save the space on your computer or smartphone. The converter performs many other tasks other than reducing the file size.